Saturday, December 15, 2007

Is Anything Made in America Anymore?

This is a wonderful time -- looking forward to a first Christmas with my two grandsons and great-nephew. There is nothing I can imagine that could be better for Christmas than the gift of these precious little boys.

Yet...this is one of the most frustrating holiday seasons ever. With three little boys to shop for, thoughts go to Fisher-Price, Mattel, and all those other toymakers who made our holidays past so memorable. But -- all these names mean to me this Christmas is..."Made in China", lead paint, and toxic! I am furious at these corporations for betraying me, my grandchildren, and my country!

I've looked online for "Made in America" -- and I've found some things. So what's the problem? First, there is selection. There's not a whole lot that looks like a modern child might be thrilled to see under the tree. Maybe fifty years ago -- but not today. The second, and maybe the most significant -- price! Good gracious -- $50.00 for a set of 28 wooden blocks? Bless them for using "non-toxic ink", but do they really need to gouge me this badly!

All I want for Christmas is a non-toxic, reasonably priced toy, or two! What happened to Sam Walton's philosophy of American made? Surely the traditions of stocking stores and conducting transactions that made a simple Arkansas businessman the world's richest man, while selling quality, safe, American-made goods was good enough. Are his offspring so greedy that they would sell the nation's soul for a little more profit? And, mind you, this is not just a mere matter of what Walmart sells -- as Walmart goes, so goes the rest of the retail industry. The bottom line is dependent on competition, and competition has already been devastated by Walmart. Now that they've traded our national soul for a bowl of pottage, it's unlikely that any other merchants will do very much to try to bring us redemption.


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Terri said...

Here, here! Good luck finding toys for your cuties.

spaCemaTic! said...

I have a great philosophy. Look at where it is made, and don't by it if it is "made in china". The quality of the toy will not last at all, and now they are getting 3 month warranties now. I found an ashtray that was made in America, and I almost wanted to buy it. I can with out. Made in Japan is good because they are great with electronics, but now they are exporting their stuff to China as well. You get what you pay for. Being in the Pro Audio world, most of my pro gear is all made in the USA. Earthworks, DBX, Summit Audio, Ernie Ball, etc. Your investing your money in a Socialist country supporting our enemy. I mean Chuck Taylor and Vans shoes are even made in Malaysia and China, they don't last work a crap.