Friday, November 23, 2007


Thankful... meaning literally "full of thanks". My favorite talk show host (actually the only one I listen to) is Dennis Prager, and he is very big on happiness. He has written a book on the subject (Happiness Is a Serious Problem) and gives lectures around the country. According to Dennis, thankfulness is essential to happiness. I have to agree with him. Have you ever seen an ungrateful person who was happy?

Once a year we have a day formally set aside to be thankful. Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is for more than just eating a lot (although that's a pretty neat side benefit). It's even for more than getting together with loved ones (or in the case of some families, getting together with people whom you try to tolerate once a year). It's a day on which to be full of thanks.

This Thanksgiving day found me celebrating with lots of people whom I love -- and eating and napping and taking some time to read and playing my guitar and chatting online with a dear friend. I am "full of thanks". A list of things for which I'm thankful would be too long to post, but would include:

  • my family (of course)
  • my books (lots and lots of books!)
  • my guitar
  • getting to be with my two grandsons and my great-nephew (all in one day!)
  • my computer (because it opens up the world to me and connects me with friends)
  • music (and, in particular, my subscription to Rhapsody music service)
  • airplanes (even though I can't afford to fly anymore, I can still say I'm a pilot - I got to fly!)
  • a meaningful job (even though it ain't the highest paying one)
  • a love of writing and words!
  • that my brother survived his near-deadly medical ordeal, and I got to visit with him last weekend!
  • Books-A-Million
  • coffee!
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you are, and one more thing for which I am thankful -- all of you who honor and humble me by reading my blog.

Blessings, peace, & love to each of you!

~ Jim

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